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Beats headphones cheap, famous for their beautiful appearance and superior sound, were first produced by Monster, our well-known magic sound company, and received by Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre Australia, Justin Bieber and many other professional musicians, and even some big names Stars are also Beats headphones as a portable “jewelry” to wear. But in August 2012, Beats was released with Monster because of financial issues, starting with an independent brand. Beats headphones have many different types of products, from wearing to ear type, but one of the most representative of several products, Beats headset is the key to successStudio headset is a subwoofer and treble type of headphones. Bass is full of shock. Plus the appearance of the trend of fashion is a lot of influx of people must headphones. This headset is the need for two 7 batteries to block current and noise. Mixr mixers headphones are bass clear tweets full of powerful headphones do not like Studio need 2 7 batteries. This headphones can be rotated on both sides of 90 degrees. Disadvantages are easy to clip hair.Beats Pro headphones is Studio and Mixr these two Headphones with the advantages of a combination of headphones.Wireless headset is Beats only Bluetooth headset to take a Bluetooth plus wired one. Although the audio is not a good headset Solo HD, but the sound quality is better than the Solo headset

Authentic Beats Solo HD headphones bass elasticity is very good, the sound is very transparent, even playing some of the background music more music, it will not feel messy and ears. While the fake beats Solo wireless HD headset bass is not flexible, sound field is not enough, listening sense is very muddy, the level is not clear.


Why Dr Dre Beats Wireless Sounds So Perfect Till Now

Beast is a famous brand in earphone ,which think highly of quality and fashion .beast is the first one who regard dr dre beats wireless earphone as the ornamentation .As I know ,there are many kinds of earohone in this brand ,such Studio ,Pro ,Beats Mixr Beats Executive,Solo 2,Beats Wireless.And now you can follow me ,I will tell you something about beast.

January 12, 2012, “Bloomberg Business Week” reported that Beats will not renew with the magic sound, the two sides will terminate the contract at the end of 2012 cooperation. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine subsequently decided to manufacture the entire operation from manufacturing to R & D and to double its staff and about 300 employees. Magic sound can not help but start marketing their own high-quality sub beats studio wireless headphones, to meet their own market competition line. However, either Dre, Iovine, or Wood were faced with a high-level company, but Nani Wood explained in 2014:

I have no experience of production, but I have some experience from scratch … whenever we launch an album, it basically is like building a new business – there is a unique group of unique challenges And opportunities, and from which to try to find the path to the market.

In October 2012, Beats unveiled the first two of their own research and development products, “Beats Executive” headphones and “Beats Pill” wireless speakers, Iovine that their company needs to “control their own (company) fate” To continue to grow. Iovine also argues for other attempts to emulate their “celebrity endorsement business model”, which means that some of their competitors are poor engineers who have never been to the studio and that you can not put people’s names on beats headphones australia Do not know what is the sound. After they decided to convert Beats into an entity, the company’s revenue reached a billion dollar mark.