Beats Dr Dre Headphone As a Excellent Music Equipment

If you like listening to music and have a good taste in music, I think you must to prossess a good pair of eyephone,And today I will show you a famous brand dr dre beats australia which is my favorite brand in eyephone. Beats is a recording equipment brand in the United States, whose production lines are mainly focused on headphones and loudspeakers, co-founded by rapper singer Dr. Dre and former chairman of Interscope Geffen A & M Records Jimmy Iovine in 2008, Carver City, California, United State

Beats’ original production line, along with AV equipment company Monster Cable Products, is licensed and manufactured as a part of its marketing strategy, and its brand earrings are often found in MV, film and other media. In 2012, the two companies announced the termination of cooperation, then its products for further development. In 2014, the company expanded to develop online music market of beats headphones wireless, launched its subscription to mobile media services.

Most of the company’s shares were held by Taiwan’s smartphone maker HTC, which in 2012 reduced its shareholding to 25% and sold its remaining shares back to the company in 2013. At the same time on September 27, 2013, Carlyle Group to spend 500 million US dollars stake in Beats Electronics, while Beats to 265 million US dollars to repurchase HTC held 24.84% of the remaining shares. Carlyle replaced HTC, tied with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine as minority shareholders.On May 28, 2014, Apple bought Beats for $ 3,000,000,000 in cash and stock, and completed the deal on August 1 of the same year, marking the company’s larger acquisition history. In order to promote its products, Beats headphones AU mainly rely on pop music and hip hop music singer, including the placement of marketing and music videos, as well as musicians and other celebrities to develop co-branded products.