The Classic Top Models of Beats Dr Dre Solo Online Sale

I believe many people know beats this brand ,and today I want to show you some best kinds of beata headset

BEATS urBeats

I believe many people know BEATS urBeats this headset, all because the HTC G14. HTC G14 is the company with the Beats cooperation after the launch of the first mobile phone, and at the time of this pair of headphones is included with the phone, BEATS urBeats Beats should be considered entry products, metal units and red and black color is its logo, And because it is included with the phone, BEATS urBeats also has a very good line control function of beats solo 2.

But because BEATS urBeats headphones do not use the “noodle wire”, the headset in the daily carrying when the wire is easy to knot, sound quality BEATS urBeats good inherited Beats headset family bass superior characteristics, with the phone Beats sound performance is very good Listen to enjoy.

Beats tour

Beats tour should Beats headphones we often see, it is the biggest feature of the wire is not the use of traditional cylindrical thin lines, but the use of flat wide wire. The use of such a wire to make Beats tour whether it is wearing or carrying are not easy knot.

Beats tour also uses a metal cavity, and Beats tour has excellent sound insulation. These features make Beats tour a lot of people’s first Beats headphones, but compared with BEATS urBeats the difference between the two in the sound quality is not great, have a superior bass effect. The user can understand that there is nothing different about the difference between the wires except the wire.

Beats Solo & Solo HD Beats Australia is the headset headset, it is the biggest feature is a different color, and the appearance is very stylish. Headphones in the design also uses a folding design elements, so that this headset portability greatly enhanced, these factors also make it a lot of fashion stars are very fond of the product.