Beats HD Functions Well Performing for Beats JB HI FI Dr Dre

The biggest difference between Beats Solo and Solo HD is that Beats Solo uses a matte finish, while Solo HD uses a piano paint process. In terms of sound quality, Solo HD represents the meaning of “High Definition”, so Solo HD is slightly stronger than Beats Solo, whether it is low or resolving.

In the wear, Beats Solo Headphones and Solo HD are used to wear the way to wear, so the sound insulation is very good, but because the headset is a half-bag ear design, so wear a long time will feel some pain, Also Beats Solo or Solo HD biggest drawback

Beats Studio

Beats Studio Dr Dre should be regarded as a high-end product in the Beats headset. It also uses folding elements in the design, which gives it a very good portability, and Beats Studio also has active noise reduction, but need to use in the headset Install the battery to power the active noise reduction function. In the sound quality, Beats Studio performance is more balanced, not like other Beats headphones too much rendering bass, which makes it the music performance and balance than the Beats Solo HD much better, and Beats Studio wearing all-inclusive Type design, even if the long-term wear will not oppress the ear caused by the user discomfort.

It is because Beats headphones loved by everyone, so it also makes a lot of cottage manufacturers feel profitable, have made fake cottage Beats headphones to deceive consumers, and there are many high imitation headphones to do the real situation, the general consumption really It is difficult to identify the authenticity

Authentic Beats jb hi fi headphones bass elasticity is very good, the sound is very transparent, even playing some of the background music more music, it will not feel messy and ears. While the fake headset bass is not flexible, sound field is not enough, listening sense is very muddy, the level is not clear